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happy-girlThrough additional investments from people like you, Muncie Civic can take the next step toward making enduring improvements to the Boyce Block building that will result in a preserved historic building, improved safety and access, expanded programs, and a financially secure future.

The time to invest in Muncie Civic Theatre is now. Through your thoughtful and strategic gift to Muncie Civic Theatre, you are demonstrating your support of the values we hold dear: the arts, community, entertainment, education, and fiscal responsibility. With your help, we can protect our historic landmark facility and unite even more communities through theatre. You can be part of securing Muncie Civic Theatre’s future and its continued power to strengthen our community and transform the lives of its citizens.

“[We are] a civic organization conceived with all the sincerity and ambition with which such a name would suggest. The desire to put on a show is universal and we succumb to it whole-heartedly.”

– William H. Ball, 1931
Muncie Civic Theatre Founder

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